Davis Downtown Board Agenda – February 9, 2017

Davis Downtown Board of Directors Agenda
Thursday, February 9, 2017, 8:35 a.m.
Hunt-Boyer Conference Room, 604 2nd Street, Downtown Davis

Item # Agenda Item
1. Roll Call

Board Members – Michael Bisch, Josh Chapman, Sheri Hein, Terence Lott, Brianne Maloney, Katie Manzer,
Andrew Newman, Sinisa Novakovic, Maia Sturges, Murre Traverso, Kevin Wan

Board Liaisons – Alan Humason – YCVB, Diane Parro – City of Davis, Mabel Salon – UC Davis

Staff – Nina Gatewood, Lauren James, Stewart Savage

2. Welcome/Induction of Davis Downtown Directors
A. Recap of Annual Meeting
B. Approval of new Directors
3. Selection of Davis Downtown Officers for FY 2017-2018
A. President
B. Vice President
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
4. Sub-Committee Chairs and Alternates for FY 2017
A. Visioning Committee
B. Parking Committee
C. Marketing Committee
D. Bar and Restaurant Committee
E. Nominating Committee
F. Esprit de Corps Team
5. Public Comment

6. Correspondence

7. Approval of Minutes from 1/12/2017 Board Meeting

8. Financial Report for January 2017 YEAR END

9. By-laws/Policies and Procedures

10. Board Retreat Planning

11. Downtown Parking

12. Pathways to Employment

13. Holiday/Promotions Update

14. New Business

15. Committee & Partner Reports
A. Marketing & Events Committee – Brianne Maloney
B. Parking Committee – Terence Lott
C. Visioning and Community Relations Committee – Michael Bisch
D. Bar and Restaurant Committee – Kevin Wan
E. City of Davis – Diane Parro
F. UC Davis – Mabel Salon
G. YCVB – Alan Humason
16. Adjourn