Davis Downtown Board of Directors Agenda
Thursday, September 13, 2018, 8:35 a.m.
Hunt-Boyer Conference Room, 604 2nd Street, Downtown Davis

Item # Agenda Item
1. Roll Call

Board Members – Josh Chapman, Sheri Hein, Brianne Maloney, Katie Manzer, Tim Mech,
Andrew Newman, Sinisa Novakovic, Rob Read, Chris Soderquist, Murre Traverso, Kevin Wan

Board Liaisons – Mo Stoycoff – Visit Yolo, Diane Parro – City of Davis, Mabel Salon – UC Davis

Staff – Katy Karns, Monica Norris, Stewart Savage

2. Public Comment

3. Correspondence

4. Approval of Minutes from 8/9/2018

5. Financial Report for August 2018

6. Board Retreat Follow-up

7. Nominating Committee
• Expiring Terms: Chapman, Manzer, Newman, Novakovic, Traverso, Wan

8. DDBA Budget Development

9. Downtown Cleanliness/Beautification Fund

10. New Business

11. Committee & Partner Reports
A. Marketing & Events Committee – Brianne Maloney/Rob Read
B. Parking Committee – Joshua Chapman/Tim Mech
C. Visioning and Community Relations Committee – Sheri Hein/Chris Soderquist
D. Bar and Restaurant Committee – Kevin Wan/Tim Mech
E. City of Davis – Diane Parro
F. UC Davis – Mabel Salon
G. Visit Yolo – Mo Stoycoff
12. Adjourn