Davis Downtown Board Meeting – April 11, 2019

Davis Downtown Board of Directors Agenda
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 8:35 a.m.
Hunt-Boyer Conference Room, 604 2nd Street, Downtown Davis

Item # Agenda Item
1. Roll Call

Board Members – Adam Andrews, Josh Chapman, Landon Christensen, Sheri Hein, Brianne Maloney, Tim Mech, Andrew Newman, Julie Otto, Rob Read, Chris Soderquist, Nate Yungvanitsait

Board Liaisons –Sarah Worley – City of Davis, Mabel Salon – UC Davis, Terry Selk – Visit Yolo

Staff – Katy Karns, Monica Norris, Bill Habicht – Interim Director

2. Public Comment

3. Correspondence

4. Approval of Minutes from 3/14/2019

5. Financial Report for March 2019

6. Paul’s Place

7. Food and Economic Development Plan

8. Board Retreat Planning – APRIL 25, 2019

9. Downtown Parking

10. Executive Director Vacancy

11. Nominating Committee Planning – Create Committee

12. Downtown Cleanliness/Beautification Fund – ONGOING

13. New Business

14. Old Business

15. Committee & Partner Reports
A. Marketing & Events Committee – Maloney/Christensen/Read
B. Parking Committee – Mech/Otto
C. Visioning and Community Relations Committee – Soderquist/Read
D. Bar and Restaurant Committee – Andrews/Yungvanitsait
E. City of Davis – Sarah Worley
F. UC Davis – Mabel Salon
G. Visit Yolo – Terry Selk
16. Adjourn


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Davis Downtown Parking Survey Results

The Davis Downtown Business Association (DDBA) conducted a parking survey that was sent to all of our members in December of 2018. The survey consisted of 41 questions. The goal of the survey was to get respondents to provide valuable information and insight as to their views of the current parking situation in Downtown Davis, i.e. customer impact, employee use/impact, support of paid parking, etc.

The DDBA performed a thorough review/analysis of the survey results, and three major themes were represented in the parking survey:

  1. Business owners strongly feel that there is a parking supply issue in Downtown Davis
    1. Question #16 shows that 71% of the respondents feel that the automotive parking supply in Downtown Davis is not adequate
      1. Survey Response: “It is difficult to park in front of the location you may want to shop. However, due to the closeness of the shops and restaurants one can easily walk from one location to the next. The time limits on street parking does require one to shop quickly.
  2. Large portion of individual business owners are not supplying X Permits to their staff
    1. Question #27 reports that out of the 55 respondents who answered this question, 44% of employees who work downtown park in time limited spaces (non X-permit zones)
      1. Survey Response: “It’s very hard to keep moving their cars every two hours. When the parking permit for downtown for employees is so expensive.”
      2. Survey Response: “When they need to move the vehicle, there is no space and they have to drive around, in some cases 10 minutes or longer to find parking.”
  3. Large portion of respondents do not support the City’s plan to implement paid parking in Downtown Davis
    1. Question #38 shows that out of the […]
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