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Downtown Davis is a 32 block Business Improvement District (DBID) formed in 1989. The DBID empowers business license holders in the defined area to self-assess annual fees to ensure the economic well-being of the district. Activities of the DBID include marketing, events and advocacy. The below map demonstrates the Downtown Davis DBID boundaries.

The Davis Downtown Business Association (DDBA) was organized concurrent with the formation of the DBID in 1989, and is the entity approved each year by the Davis City Council to execute the business of the DBID. An 11-member Board of Directors, elected each February by the DDBA membership, guides the vision and mission of the organization, with the support of three standing Committees: Marketing and Events, Parking and Downtown Visioning and Community Relations.

The day-to-day operations of DDBA are overseen by the Executive Director, part-time Marketing Coordinator, and a part-time ArtAbout Coordinator.

Learn more about our team at https://davisdowntown.com/ddba-board-and-staff/

Read the Davis Downtown Annual Report at https://davisdowntown.com/annual-report/

Download and read our by-laws here.  https://davisdowntown.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/DDBABylaws20181213APPROVED.pdf

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About Davis Downtown


Downtown Davis is at the cultural and economic center of an eclectic community that pairs a world-class university with the agricultural heritage of a City striving to retain its small town-feel.

Alive with activity seven days a week, downtown Davis draws locals and visitors alike to experience fine food and wines, retail, services, arts and entertainment in an extraordinary and sustainable gathering place.

The Davis Downtown Business Association actively leads and energizes the downtown as the primary business, entertainment and cultural center of Davis by:

  • Advocating on behalf of the Downtown
  • Organizing, sustaining and supporting activities and events
  • Developing regional marketing opportunities
  • Expanding relations with the City and UC Davis
  • Addressing parking issues
  • Promoting diverse business opportunities
  1. Develop the vision and the mission for downtown Davis
  2. Activate the membership
  3. Engage volunteers who speak to the vision and the mission

In working to promote and support a thriving Downtown, Davis Downtown will seek to:

  • Promote & publicize the diversity of events, services and products offered by Downtown.
  • Advocate for consistent maintenance and expansion of Downtown’s aesthetic elements, including landscaping, trees, lighting and public art.
  • Coordinate City/UCD planning to reduce overlap & competition.
  • Revamp City development ordinances, design guidelines, development fees and the planning process.
  • Incentivize optimization and full usage of downtown property, both private and City-owned parcels.
  • Advocate for zoning outside of downtown to limit small office use in light industrial and R & D sectors of the city.
  • Participate in the review of all City-owned downtown parcels for potential higher uses. Identify and promote strategies to increase pedestrian traffic, ease the flow of automobile traffic and provide ample parking.
  • Encourage the establishment of exciting shopping opportunities and support the development of more retail space.
  • Support construction and redevelopment in the downtown to increase available office space.
  • Encourage the development of more living units and an increase in the number of residents in or near downtown.
  • Promote the establishment of more space for entertainment & the arts.

The success of this Framework will be evidenced by:

  • An increase in the number of businesses within the Downtown Business Improvement District (DBID).
  • An increase in the number of regional visitors and shoppers.
  • An increase in the amount of downtown shopping and dining.
  • The generation of increased downtown retail sales tax revenue.
  • The generation of more jobs for current residents, UCD graduates and our children.

Bar & Restaurant Committee

The Bar and Restaurant Committee fosters continuing communication between bars, restaurants/eateries, other downtown businesses, city staff and services (PD and Fire), and the community at large.

The committee meets the third Thursday of the month at 9:00am. Please visit the meeting information page for links to related documents, or contact the DDBA office for more information at 530-756-8763.  You can also email us email us at info@davisdowntown.com.

Committee Chairs:
Kevin Wan, Chair
Alexandria Yon, Co-Chair

Downtown Visioning & Community Relations Committee

The Downtown Visioning and Community Relations Committee proactively explores and reviews the current direction of downtown Davis, as well as the “big picture” possibilities for the future of the district.

The committee meets the first Friday of the month at 9:00am. Meeting location varies. Please visit the meeting information page for links to related documents, or contact the DDBA office for more information at 530-756-8763.  You can also email us email us at info@davisdowntown.com.

Committee Chairs:
Lynne Yackzan, Chair
Julie Helmus, Co-Chair

Marketing & Events Committee

The Marketing & Events Committee maintains, reviews, conceptualizes and innovates to promote the extraordinary nature and activities of downtown Davis. This effort includes oversight of events that both originate and take place within downtown Davis.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month @ 9:00am. Please visit the meeting information page for links to related documents, or contact the DDBA office for more information at 530-756-8763.  You may also email Aaron Wedra, Marketing Coordinator, at aaron@davisdowntown.com.

Committee Chair:
Yelena Ivashchenko
Boheme Clothing & Gifts

Parking Committee

The Parking Committee works with the City of Davis to understand, develop, monitor and communicate regarding Downtown Davis parking utilization and policies, and their impact upon Downtown customers and employees.

Please contact the DDBA office for more information at 530-756-8763 or email us at info@davisdowntown.com.

Committee Chair:
Tim Mech
Three Mile Brewing

Brown Bag Lunch Discussion

Organized by DDBA’s Visioning and Community Relations Committee, the brown-bag lunch series facilitates thought-provoking dialogue regarding issues affecting Downtown Davis in a casual setting.

For more information on dates and topics, please visit the Events Calendar.

Participants are welcome to bring a lunch or purchase one at any downtown eatery. For more information, contact DDBA executive director Brett Maresca at (530) 756-8763 or brett@davisdowntown.com.

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