Project Description

301 B Street

This house, which currently houses the popular bakery Cicolat, is not a designated Historic Resource and is probably not significant structurally. It has definite historical significance, however, as it was the home of Judge William Scott and his wife Kathryn for many years. Both William and Kathryn were born to Yolo County farmers and in addition to serving as Justice of the Peace until 1942, Scott owned and published the Davis Enterprise from 1899 until 1935. His contribution to the development of Davisville/Davis was extensive. John Lofland says of Scott, “Over these almost 37 years, William Henry Scott was the Davis Enterprise,” and Lofland credits him with writing almost all the stories and reports (Lofland, Pg 34). Although official action was actually taken over a year later, it was Scott who initially dropped the “ville” from Davisville. “The Saturday, April 7, 1906 issue of Scott’s newspaper was called the Davisville Enterprise. But the next issue, Saturday, April 14, 1906, was the Davis Enterprise.” (Lofland, Pg 54). Lofland reminds readers that Davisville was announced as the site for the State Farm on Friday, April 6, and Scott did not think the “ville” carried the proper connotation for the town anymore, stating, “the ‘ville’ attached signifies a countryside place of insignificant import, and we believe it . . . . should be eliminated . . . . “ (Lofland, Pg 54). So it was