Davis Criterium


The Davis Criterium occurs on the 4th of July each year.  A criterium is the bicycling equivalent of the Indy 500.  The race course is a very short, tight closed circuit track around downtown streets. Racers can travel at speeds exceeding 30 mph. Crits are popular because of the speed, danger, and technical skill required to make tight, high speed turns and position shifts within a pack.

Pig Day


Every year on the first Saturday of March, the Davis Farmer’s Market observes National Pig Day. Adults, children, and animals dress up in piggy regalia: pig-themed craft tables abound, sweetbread bakery rolls from Upper Crust Baking Co. are shaped like pigs, a piggy petting zoo is featured, strangely or not-so-strangely enough, bacon is served with breakfasts compliments of the Food Bank of Yolo County.