Experience Open Air Davis!

The Davis Downtown Business Association, in partnership with the City of Davis, is working vigilantly to provide solutions to sustain downtown Davis during the pandemic. Open Air Davis (OAD) allows many businesses to modify or expand their service capacity by offering the use of space on sidewalks, parking spaces and even streets. Restaurants, retailers and professional service providers can offer safe fresh air environments for their patrons to SHOP EAT & VIBE.

Open Air Davis consists of 2 major conversions (facilitated by the City and DDBA) as well as the dozens of locations that are popping up organically, where business owners have put focus on their outdoor seating and accommodations. Some businesses are building new patios, some are setting up additional seating, while others are simply refreshing their preexisting outdoor areas.

Street Conversions: Davis has joined the trend of many other cities that have closed off streets and parking spaces to vehicular traffic during these unprecedented times in order to offer the public and business owners the advantages of open space.

Downtown Davis street conversions began on Friday June 26th, with the closure of G Street (between 2nd & 3rd Streets) to vehicular traffic Friday mornings through Sunday nights. Expansion of the OAD program now includes the closure of the North side of parking lot adjacent to E Street Plaza to vehicular traffic starting on Friday, September 11th. E Street Plaza and the adjacent parking lot will be “activated” for public use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please click the map above for a visual guide. The DDBA & City of Davis will provide additional seating and canopies for public use as well as improved aesthetics.

Pop-ups and Outdoor Accommodations: The Open Air Davis program is much more than the two conversions that take place on G and E Streets. OAD is also an organic collective response to state and county restrictions on businesses which includes dozens of pop-ups and outdoor spaces throughout the downtown. Open Air Davis is any place and any time a downtown business offers individuals and families accommodations in an outdoor, fresh air atmosphere. Want to see which businesses are participating?

View a list of participating businesses!

Are you a business owner that wants to expand your outdoor spacing capacity for customer interaction or accommodations? View and download the FREE permit applications made available by the City of Davis through the following links: Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit | Temporary Business Use of Public Space. Contact us with any questions at info@davisdowntown.com.

Summary of program goals:
1. Allow downtown businesses to conduct business in a larger area (outdoors), giving them the ability to expand their extremely limited capacity during COVID-19 pandemic
2. Invite the community to dine, shop, and receive services downtown while enjoying an open air atmosphere, thus providing greater opportunity to maintain safe social distancing while benefiting from the outdoor/fresh air environment
3. Encourage more public interaction with downtown businesses in a responsible way, helping the local economy and the survival of businesses
4. Include a variety of food, beverage, retail, and specialty services.

For more information, please contact Davis Downtown by email at